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Breaking the Mold with Custom Design Solutions

Ohio Hardwood and Upholstered Furniture is distinct from big-box, conventional retail vendors. Rather than placing customers into a mold,
we provide “design solutions,” allowing customers to choose their furniture’s size, wood, and stain. Every item (whether wood or upholstered) is
American made and sustainably sourced. Ohio Hardwood and Upholstered Furniture believes in quality and strives to ensure our standards are
met throughout the manufacturing process. We are helping keep a greener footprint by not filling up landfills with disposable low quality furniture.


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Using Every Part of the Tree

We minimize waste wood and re-use byproducts. Slab wood from the sawmill is used to heat our shops and homes.
Sawdust is used to bed livestock and horses. Our waste edgings and chips are reground for landscape mulch.


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Locally Sourced Hardwood Species

Our lumber is sourced locally and sustainably harvested in the mid-west region. To keep forests healthy and productive, trained foresters
determine when wood should be cut. Rather than clearing wide patches of land, specific groups of trees are selected.
Loggers take care to preserve vegetation and soils; this minimizes our environmental impact. While fast-growing replacement tree
farms will return to harvest in 7-10 years, our loggers typically wait up to 30 years. This encourages forest regeneration.


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Hand Treated for Quality

After lumber is rough sawn and treated, it is transported to our workshops. Here it is machined, surfaced, joined, sanded and finished.
Rather than built in an assembly line, our pieces are bench made by skilled craftsmen. A separate finishing facility ensures
uniformity across all the pieces. Each item passes inspection before being wrapped and delivered to customers.