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Care and Maintenance Guide for your Fine Furniture Finish

Generally a soft damp cloth followed by a dry cloth will be all you need to clean the finish.  If a cleaner is required, use only a very mild soap and wipe dry.  A high quality polish my be used occasionally.  Apply polish with a soft cloth following manufactures instructions.

Follow these steps and you will be assured that your finished piece will continue to look good for many years to come.

  1. Cleaning:  Fingerprints, cooking residues, tobacco smoke, etc. will accumulate on the finished surface.  They will not damage the finish, but should be removed occasionally to restore the finish to its original state.  Wipe the finish with a damp cloth using a non-wax polish or mild soap.
  2. Dust Removal:  Dust build-up is simply airborne particles of dust collecting on the finish.  If not properly removed, this build-up may dull or even scratch the finish.  Simply wipe the finish with a cloth dampened with a mild detergent or polish.
  3. Spills:  Your finish is resistant to most household spills.  If a spill should occur, it should be wiped up immediately to avoid any potential damage.
  4. Excessive Exposure:  Heat, high humidity, direct sunlight or liquids can damage both the finish and the wood.  Take care to avoid these conditions.

Avoid the following:

  1. Excessive waxing.
  2. Cleaners containing bleach.
  3. Cleaners with abrasives that may scratch the finish.
  4. Cleaners containing ammonia.
  5. Dyes and inks from newsprint and plastic bags may penetrate into the finish when moist.

Below are furniture care products we offer.

Cleaning and maintaining with Heirloom Essentials will extend the life and beauty of your furniture and cabinetry.  See Heirloom Essentials Furniture Care Tips for details about the benefits of catalyzed varnish and quality furniture.

Heirloom Essentials furniture care products contain NO silicone, NO wax and NO ammonia.  This means it will not leave a waxy buildup or film on your furniture.

Care for your Heirloom Quality Furniture with Heirloom Essentials Fine Furniture Polish & Cleanser. It is formulated, specifically, to maintain the beauty and luster of furniture that has been finished with catalyzed varnish, but works on all finishes and wood species. Clean your furniture regularly with H.E. Spotless Furniture & Glass Cleanser to remove dust, fingerprints, grease and food residue. Spotless can be used on wood, glass, vinyl and many other hard surfaces.  The antibacterial formula removes 99.9% of bacteria.

     Heirloom Essentials Furniture Cleaner - 8oz    Heirloom Essentials Furniture Cleaner - 1oz
Spotless Furniture and Glass Cleaner

Polish once a week, or as often as you’d like with H.E. Fine Furniture Polish to maintain the rich luster of your furniture. Available in a wide variety of delectable fragrances!

 Heirloom Essentials Furniture Polish - 8oz    Heirloom Essentials Furniture Polish - 1oz
Heirloom Essentials Furniture Polish

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